Dr Philippa Parmiter

Project Manager

t. +44 (0)131 651 4647
m. +44 (0)7795 882 122

Philippa is responsible for the strategic delivery and overall management of the SCCS project, including managing funding from Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and Energy Technology Partnership (ETP).

Business Development


Dr Romain Viguier

Business Development Executive

t. +44 (0)131 651 4647
m. +44 (0)7814 787 516

Romain focuses on business development in CO2 capture technologies, utilisation, power plant integration modelling engineering, measurement and monitoring.



Chris Littlecott

Policy Research Associate


Chris advises SCCS on UK policy. He provides liaison with other strategic bodies, industry associations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer

t. +44 (0)131 651 4647

Rebecca is responsible for analysing, developing and advising on UK, European and worldwide policy for emissions reduction, with a focus on CCS. Her work focuses on defining actionable pathways to 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation of heat, transport, industry and power.



Dr Peter Brownsort

Scientific Research Officer

t. +44 (0)131 651 4679

Pete Brownsort provides a technical knowledge service to the SCCS Directorate and Team, its partner institutions and funders, including Scottish Government. Using published sources, research and contact networks, he analyses and syntheses information producing reports and briefings for exchange of acquired knowledge. He is also involved in policy development, consultations and government briefings in areas relating to CCS and low-carbon energy.

Since joining SCCS in 2013, Pete has covered a wide variety of topics, including industrial CCS, industrial heat, Scottish emissions, capture clusters and transport hubs, CO2 transport – particularly ship transport – Scottish devolution issues, fiscal incentives for CCS, hydrogen with CCS, and negative emission technologies. Pete is also responsible for the web-based SCCS Global Projects Map and database.

Pete’s background is in environmental (BSc) and organic (PhD) chemistry and he has over twenty years’ experience working in the fine chemicals industry. In 2009, he completed an MSc in environmental sustainability then worked as a post-doctoral researcher establishing the UK Biochar Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh, before joining SCCS.


Dr Gareth Johnson

Research Associate

t. +44 (0)131 650 6786

Gareth Johnson develops research links between SCCS and international partners, and contributes to knowledge exchange between ongoing and future CO₂ injection and monitoring projects globally. He is also a post-doctoral researcher in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Over the last few years Gareth has helped to develop and deliver CO₂ storage research projects in Australia, Canada, South Africa, and across Europe. Dissemination of results from this research is a large part of Gareth’s role, be that to academic audiences, in public outreach or to the SCCS team and members.

Gareth first studied CCS as an undergraduate, writing his dissertation on CO₂ seeps in Utah in 2005. He followed this with spells as a geologist in industry either side of completing his PhD in geochemical monitoring of CO₂ storage in 2010. Gareth joined SCCS in 2013.



Indira Mann

Communications & Knowledge Exchange Executive

t. +44 (0)131 651 4041
m. +44 (0)7795 882 125

Indira Mann is responsible for delivering communications for the SCCS research partnership, promoting its expertise, strengthening relationships and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange with stakeholders worldwide. She also delivers content and quality assurance for a variety of SCCS online, digital and printed outputs.

Indira currently manages dissemination and knowledge exchange activities for the EU-funded international projects, ALIGN-CCUS and ACT Acorn. She also develops and delivers public engagement activities, with other institutes and organisations, on the role of CCS in climate change action.

Indira is a journalist and communications expert with nearly 25 years of experience. For more than ten years, she has worked within the energy and environmental sectors, with media and communications roles in non-government organisations in the UK and Norway, and for publishers at home and abroad. She joined SCCS in 2013.


Vanessa Mather

IT Support & Digital Communications Officer

t. +44 (0)131 651 4648

Vanessa is responsible for the SCCS website and other forms of digital media, producing print design material and providing IT support to the team.



Richard Lindsay Stevenson


t. +44 (0)131 651 4647

Richard Stevenson is responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support for the SCCS Team and is a point of contact for general enquiries to SCCS. He also contributes to the wider SCCS partnership in terms of knowledge dissemination, events organisation and publicising successful projects & grant awards.

Richard brings administrative and project support experience from sectors ranging from road transport to higher education. He is currently balancing work and study, and is on course to achieve an MSc in Carbon Management from The University of Edinburgh in late 2018.

Richard is a relative newcomer to the low-carbon and energy sectors, having previously taught Japanese at UK undergraduate level and having worked as a translator and proofreader in Japan and the UK. He joined SCCS in 2014.

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