Roundtable - New Opportunities for Decarbonising Heat in Scotland

  • Friday, 04 November 2016 11:30 - 15:00

City: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This roundtable event on 4th November 2016 was organised jointly by SCCS and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) to provide the opportunity for policy and decision makers to hear about new opportunities for decarbonising heat in Scotland. It was attended by delegates from government, public sector agencies, local authorities, industry, and trade associations.

We would recommend first viewing the short (18 minutes) film: 

H21 Leeds City Gate Film

Then take in the 8 page Executive summary: 
H21 Executive Summary

And finally the full 375 page report: 
H21 Report


11:30 Registration and Sandwiches - H21 Film from 11:40
12:00 Prof Stuart Haszeldine Welcome & Round Table introductions
12:15 Dan Sadler - H21 Leeds City Gate project presentation
12:45 Questions to Dan Sadler on Leeds City Gate project
13:05 Stuart McKay – CCS: The Challenges of Building Decarbonisation Infrastructure
13:25 Barbara Whiting (Fife Council)
13:30 Prof Stuart Haszeldine, Chair - Introduction to the Round Table discussion and breakout session:
Q1 - Decarbonising heat - what are the key issues, and opportunities in Scotland
Q2 - Which technologies or other aspects do you think are key to decarbonising heat in Scotland?
13:50 Breakout discussions: Low carbon heat delivery systems:
Q3 - As a system to deliver heat in Scotland, how should we assess hydrogen, district heating and electrification of heat?
Q4 - What information/knowledge do we need to further assess the potential of each system in Scotland?
14:15 Final comments from Dan Sadler
14:40 Prof Stuart Haszeldine – Outputs from breakout discussions
14:50 Stuart McKay - Closing comments
15:00 End


Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh EH8
United Kingdom


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