Computational Modelling & Simulation Laboratory
Heriot-Watt University
Institute of Petroleum Engineering
Eric Mackay
+44 (0) 131 451 3670

The CO₂ Simulation Group has undertaken static and dynamic modeling and simulation for numerous national and international projects. Ongoing projects include CO₂MultiStore, examining potential multi-user interactions in the connected Captain Sandstone formation, as well as CO₂-EOR in dedicated North Seas oil fields.

  • Geological modeling using PETREL software
  • ECLIPSE & GEM software for simulation of CO₂ storage in saline aquifers
  • CO₂ Aquifer Storage Site Evaluation and Monitoring Project
    Storage appraisal of Firth of Forth & Sherwood aquifers to develop best-value methods for evaluation of saline aquifer formations for CO₂ storage
  • Energy Technologies Institute UK SAP
    Modelling of the Bunter and Forties aquifers to calculate inputs for the ETI project aiming to provide a comprehensive assessment of national CO₂ storage capacity offshore and quantify how much storage capacity is practically available in the UK
  • Scottish Studies I, II & III
    Series of integrated strategic research studies on the Tay and Captain aquifers forming part of the work to show the opportunities for CO₂ storage around Scotland

Example of Eclipse reservoir model and typical flow simulation results: (a) porosity distribution and (b) free gas saturation at top of aquifer after 7000 years


Petrel static model with formation zones