Read more ...Carbon Capture Machine (UK) Ltd, a University of Aberdeen spin-out company, is the sole European team to reach the finals of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a major international competition that incentivises the development of breakthrough carbon conversion technologies to reduce global CO2 emissions.

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Read more ...A new study by SCCS scientists suggests that the Paris Agreement’s climate targets can be met rapidly if fossil fuel producers are obliged to pay for the storage of progressively increasing amounts of carbon emissions resulting from their products.

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Read more ...A new approach by Scottish and Chinese scientists to trapping carbon dioxide (CO₂) in rocks deep underground could unlock the potentially huge storage capacity of China’s Pearl River Mouth Basin, which would massively reduce CO₂ emissions and improve air quality in one of the country’s most industrialised regions.

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Read more ...Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage welcomes the Scottish Government's publication of its Climate Change Plan, setting out its specific policies and proposals for meeting Scotland’s climate change targets, and placing Scotland on a global leadership path.

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Read more ...Did you know that carbon capture has been happening in Edinburgh for 30 years?

Carbon dioxide is a by-product in the production of whisky, resulting when yeast ferments wheat grain, or malted barley, to make alcohol.  It’s also an important ingredient in fizzy drinks – and one Scottish distillery spotted an opportunity to join these two things up back in the late 1980s.

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