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The Teesside Collective has today unveiled plans for developing an industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) network, which would cut a quarter of Teesside’s carbon emissions while helping to retain 5,900 jobs.

A cluster of energy-intensive industries in the Tees Valley have joined forces to develop an inspiring blueprint that could see the UK lead the world in combining "a growing industrial base with substantial reductions in carbon emissions". The blueprint also suggests that an expansion of the cluster by the 2030s could see 15 million tonnes of CO₂ a year being stored, hand-in-hand with the creation of new industries and 2,600 new jobs in the area.

Stephen Catchpole, Managing Director of Tees Valley Unlimited, said:

This is not just a blueprint for a prosperous Tees Valley, it is a blueprint that has the potential to change both the UK and European industrial landscape and its impact on the environment.

SCCS welcomes the results of this review and hopes it will help clear any remaining barriers to the swift establishment of industrial CCS at Teesside and other potential clusters, such as Grangemouth in Scotland. For key industries, CCS remains the only viable option for deep cuts in CO₂ emissions.

The four companies that will lead the way at Teesside are steel producer SSI UK, fertiliser producer GrowHow, polyester resin producer Lotte Chemical UK and hydrogen producer BOC. The network, which could be up and running by 2024, would see 2.8Mt of CO₂ a year stored permanently beneath the North Sea.

The review was funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and comprises a series of documents including:

  • a report by Pale Blue Dot on the technical and commercial basis for establishing an Industrial CCS network in Teesside;
  • proposals from Societe Generale on how a financial support mechanism could attract investment while ensuring value for money for the public purse;
  • engineering studies by Amec Foster Wheeler setting out a detailed approach to capturing, transporting and storing CO₂ from the cluster;
  • independent research by Cambridge Econometrics estimating jobs and economic activity likely to result from pursuing the Teesside Collective.

Read the Executive Summary and download reports from Teesside Collective website

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