CCSAblogpicThe Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA) has this week launched a new blog site that aims to provide insights into the big issues affecting the progress of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the UK and worldwide.

The Going Underground blog site will feature views and analysis from CCSA members and other guest bloggers from within the CCS community. The association hopes the site will become a key vehicle for raising awareness of CCS and its importance around the world.

Luke Warren, CCSA Chief Executive, started the ball rolling with a blog describing the current status of CCS globally. He also set out key actions for delivering cost-competitive CCS by the 2020s, derived from the association’s recent report, “Delivering CCS”.

Visit the Going Underground blog site

The CCSA, launched in 2006, is a non-technical trade association, which supports efforts to ensure that commercial-scale CCS plays a part in a global low-carbon economy. Its members, which include SCCS, come from a wide range of CCS stakeholders, from specialist companies in manufacturing, power generation and the oil and gas industry to support services within the legal, banking and consultancy sectors.

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