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Photo: Sian Twinning

A University of Edinburgh geosciences student has won a prestigious award after taking part in a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) summer school involving students from around the world.

Ruta Karolyte, who is studying for her PhD at the School of GeoSciences, was chosen for the “Most Outstanding Student” award at the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) International Interdisciplinary CCS Summer School in Regina, Canada, this July.

Running for its tenth year, the summer school brought together 50 young scientists from different countries to learn about CCS from an international group of experts, make new contacts and broaden their knowledge of all aspects of the climate change technology.

IEAGHG is an international research programme set up in 1991 to evaluate technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions derived from the use of fossil fuels.

Ruta said of the experience:

There are many social, economic and political issues on the way to widescale CCS deployment, many of which we had an opportunity to discuss during the week. As our group work experience showed, there are always plenty of solutions available if a number of committed and enthusiastic people come together with a goal to answer a tough question. I was honoured to be awarded the most outstanding student prize and to find out that my efforts and enthusiasm throughout the week had been noticed. Most importantly, I left Regina feeling I became a valued member of a truly resourceful and dedicated community of people, which certainly keeps me motivated at my day-to-day work back in Edinburgh.

Dr Gareth Johnson, one of Ruta’s supervisors at the School of GeoSciences, was particularly proud of Ruta’s achievement, having himself won the same award at the second summer school in 2008. He said:

This award is testament to Ruta’s drive and ambition as both a PhD student and also as a member of the international network of scientists pushing to realise CCS as a potential route to mitigate anthropogenic CO2 emissions. I am also pleased that Ruta has been given the same award I received in 2008 and hope that this stands her in the same stead that it did me. I’ve now passed the baton on to Ruta!

This week the IEAGHG published an anniversary brochure, which looks back at ten years of the summer school’s achievements and gives some insight into its students’ experiences. Download the brochure

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Ruta Karolyte and her fellow summer school participants on a visit to SaskPower's Boundary Dam CCS Project in Saskatchewan, Canada. Photo: Sian Twinning

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