RK BGSBy Ruta Karolyte (right), PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh's School of GeoSciences. Ruta joined other volunteers at the Power of our Planet showcase in Edinburgh on 22 October.

Last Saturday, the British Geological Survey held its Earth Sciences showcase at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. The Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) stand, manned by volunteers from SCCS and the UK CCS Research Centre, was kept busy all day by visitors of all ages.

Our chocolate experiment was a particular favourite with the young geoscience enthusiasts – we investigated the porosity and permeability of different chocolate bars to decide which ones would make the best reservoir and seal rocks for CO₂ storage. Just like in real CCS projects, the experimental part was carried out very thoroughly until we ran out of chocolate to test.

We also investigated how rocks we use for fossil fuels were formed in nature and had a chance to look at some real samples of sandstones and shales from the Goldeneye gas field in the North Sea. Finally, visitors truly willing to walk a mile in carbon dioxide’s shoes could do so by flying with CO₂ molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere and going deep underground to see CO₂ stored away in the pore spaces of rocks with our interactive augmented reality app developed by Shell.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University were ready to answer all the technical questions – it was great to get so many of those! From chocolate bars to current research, it was great to chat to so many people about energy, climate, protection of our planet and how CCS can help us with all of those things.

The resources used by SCCS and UKCCSRC at the Power of our Planet were developed by the Global CCS Institute/CO2Degrees, Shell and GeoBus.

Selection of rocks and chocolates to study, including the infamous organic ooze bowl available for sampling by the bravest ones. Photo: Ruta Karolyte

Volunteers from UKCCSRC and SCCS at the Carbon Capture and Storage stand at the Power of Our Planet. Photo montage: Vanessa Mather



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