SCCS welcomes the launch this week of the Scottish Government’s draft energy strategy, which sets out its vision for delivering a “safe and reliable” energy system up to 2050 in line with Scotland’s climate ambitions.

The government describes a transition to a low-carbon economy with an integrated approach to power, transport and heat, and we are pleased to see the inclusion of opportunities for new technologies in Scotland, such as hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). We now look forward to engaging with low-carbon energy stakeholders across different sectors as we develop a detailed response.

Following our energy strategy briefing released in December, we welcome the Scottish Government’s intention to explore small-scale CCS demonstration and CO₂ utilisation opportunities, as well as its commitment to work with the oil and gas sector to retain essential infrastructure, such as pipelines, which will allow CCS to be delivered cost-effectively.

As we develop our response, we will explore how areas, such as domestic heat as well as commercial and industrial heat and transport, can become entirely decarbonised, for instance by using CCS alongside hydrogen production or district heating. The potential for creating negative emissions through biomass and biogas use with CCS will also be considered.

The energy strategy follows the launch last week of the Scottish Government’s draft climate change plan, which assigns a key role to CCS as part of actions to reduce Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions by 66% by 2032 – an ambitious target that can be achieved if different sectors work together to identify and deliver the actions needed.  

The draft strategy also mentions opportunities to build on Scotland’s world-renowned academic and research reputation, including links between Scottish and European projects in the North Sea Basin in Norway and the Netherlands, and outcomes from ongoing research collaboration between Scotland and Guangdong Province in China. This would include the Guangdong CCUS Centre, of which SCCS is a founding partner.  

We will be holding a consultation workshop for experts from different energy and low-carbon sectors to discuss the various questions posed by the Scottish Government’s consultation. If you would like to join us, email and we will send you further information.

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