fuel cells electrolysis sccs 2Low-carbon technologies at the heart of clean energy innovation were the focus of the latest SCCS workshop held in Edinburgh this week.

Experts in fuel cell and CO₂ utilisation technologies from the UK and France – and even the USA, via an internet link – met at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, where SCCS is based, to learn more about each other’s work and to explore options for collaborating on future projects.

The two-session workshop, which was co-hosted by the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA), covered various developments in fuel cells, the conversion of CO₂ in biobased chemical manufacture and building materials, and the progress being made in creating polymers from CO₂ using metal catalysts.
Dr Romain Viguier of SCCS, who developed the workshop with Nigel Holmes of SHFCA, said: “We hope that our participants found the workshop useful and inspiring. It's the first time we’ve held such an event with this specific focus on fuel cell technologies for carbon capture and CO₂ conversion. If the workshop helps to progress these technologies, some of which are already reaching commercial viability, then SCCS will have achieved its objective.”

The workshop featured talks by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Aberdeen and the University of St Andrews – three of the SCCS partnership’s research institutes – who were joined by experts from Chimie-Paris Tech, Doosan Babcock, Ingenza and Fuel Cell Energy.

Further workshop details and presentation PDFs can be found here.
[link to event page] http://sccs.org.uk/events/past-events/89-capture-and-utilisation-of-co-with-fuel-cells-and-electrolysis

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