Scotland Energy Strategy newsThe Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work Committee has now published its report on Scotland's draft Climate Change Plan following a parliamentary session at which SCCS Director, Professor Stuart Haszeldine, provided evidence.

Following the hearing at Holyrood in early February, SCCS provided further evidence, which is now publicly available.

The report noted the role of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Scotland’s decarbonisation efforts, citing Prof Haszeldine’s view that CCS can be applied in “diverse ways”, including industrial applications. The committee said there was “merit in exploring options for the future use of the existing asset at Peterhead” and that CCS represented an opportunity to do so.

The committee also pointed to the need highlighted in the Climate Change Plan for a UK-wide strategy on CCS that aligns with Scotland’s energy policies, adding that progress will require strong inter-governmental collaboration.

The potential role of hydrogen as a replacement for gas in heating homes – and therefore, if combined with CCS, a route to substantial emissions reductions – was also noted.

Prof Stuart Haszeldine said:

In Scotland, and the UK, we now face the cutting-edge challenge of what to do next and how to invent and develop the new technologies that we will need to get us on a low-carbon trajectory; technologies that we can also sell to other countries. It is an opportunity to develop something new, not a burden. It is not just about renewable electricity but about decarbonising the whole economy. We need CCS as an essential part of that whole system, low-carbon delivery.

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