CO2GeoNetAround 100 European stakeholders and scientists met recently at the CO₂GeoNet Open Forum in Venice to discuss the status of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and the actions needed to implement this climate mitigation technology at industrial scale.

CO₂GeoNet, the European scientific body specialising in CO₂ geological storage, comprises 28 research institutes from 21 countries, and includes SCCS partners, Heriot-Watt University and British Geological Survey.

Adjacent to the Open Forum, CO₂GeoNet co-organised workshops in collaboration with international partners on ‘Fit-for-Purpose Solutions for CCS’ (IRIS and Gassnova) and ‘Bringing CCS into new regions – developing countries’ (BGS and GEUS).  In cooperation with partners of the ENOS project, workshops were held to identify topics of common interest for knowledge-sharing focus groups and research priorities for future pilot/small-scale storage projects.

Capacity building, needed to facilitate the large-scale deployment of CCS, is one of the core areas of activity for CO2GeoNet. This year, the Open Forum included special events for young researchers to present their results and establish a network. The researchers who took part in the Open Forum capacity building event are working on various areas, including the evaluation of storage capacity and the economics of CCS.

CCS is a proven technology, with large-scale projects are already running in countries, such as Norway, Canada and the USA. Smaller-scale projects can also play an important role in improving the engineering design of large-scale CCS projects and refining various aspects of the technology.

Achieving CO₂ emission reductions required to keep the temperature increase well below 2C, in line with the Paris Agreement, requires rapid and far-reaching actions. Most scenarios rely on massive deployment of CCS to realise at least 15% of necessary reductions in 2050. In the second half of this century, negative emissions through the use of biomass and direct capture of CO₂ from the air will be needed to achieve reductions in the longer term.

Outcomes from the forum, including a short report, presentations and videos of speakers, will be uploaded here.

News originally released by CO₂GeoNet on 29 May 2017

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