Centre seeks bids to meet CCS roadmap needs

The UK CCS Research Centre (UKCCSRC) is launching a second open funding call, with up to £2 million being made available for carbon capture and storage (CCS) research by academics based in the UK.

The centre is seeking proposals for fundamental and multidisciplinary projects that address research needs identified by the Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change's CCS Roadmap for Innovation and R&D.

The funding call will be launched on 1 February and applications must be received by 5pm on 31 March 2014. Members of all organisations eligible to receive EPSRC funding may participate, subject to meeting standard requirements. However, all bids must have a UKCCSRC member as the Principal Investigator, who may only participate in one proposal.

Successful projects may be awarded between £100,000 and £300,000, but no fixed limits have been stipulated. UKCCSRC has said that it is keen for researchers to attract co-funding, and applicants will be expected to show industry support and engagement.

More details about the call and how to apply can be found on the UKCCSRC website.

Mike Edwards, Business Development Manager at UKCCSRC, will be speaking at SCCS's next CCS Group meeting for researchers in our partner institutes on Thursday 6 February. Find out more

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