University of Edinburgh academic recognised for contribution to research

Professor Stefano Brandani, the Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, has been awarded one of Italy’s highest honours at a special ceremony at the Italian Consulate General in Edinburgh.

Prof Stefano Brandani, left, with Consul General Carfagnini. Picture: Pete Campbell/SCCS

Prof Brandani, who is now officially a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy (Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia), was presented with the honour last week by the Consul General for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mauro Carfagnini.

The order was bestowed by a decree from Italy’s president, Giorgio Napolitano, in recognition of Prof Brandani’s contribution to scientific and technological research. In particular, he has been highly active in assisting the Italian Consulate with the development of close collaborations in the field of carbon capture and storage.

The award is the Italian equivalent of one of the honours awarded by Her Majesty The Queen in her New Year honours list, and is conferred each year on 2 June, Italy's Republic Day.

Prof Brandani said: “I am extremely honoured to receive this award and I hope to build further the research collaborations with Italy, especially in the field of carbon capture and storage, which requires a concerted international effort. I would like to thank both Mauro Carfagnini and Gabriele Papadia de Bottini, respectively the current and previous Consul General in Edinburgh, for their sustained support for these activities.”

Consul General Carfagnini said: “I am delighted to confer this award on Prof Brandani, who has distinguished himself in the field of chemical engineering and in particular carbon capture and storage. Italy is proud to recognise the efforts of her citizens, especially those who have excelled in their field of expertise abroad, and Prof Brandani’s work has particular relevance in view of the global climate change issues we face today.”

Prof Brandani, who leads the Carbon Capture group at the university’s School of Engineering, is also on the Directorate of the research partnership Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS). His group focuses on novel carbon capture technologies, including the use of nano-porous materials for adsorption and membrane processes.

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