Andy Chadwick head pic
Andy Chadwick on fieldwork in Spitzbergen, Svalbard
Andy Chadwick of SCCS partner institute, the British Geological Survey, has been awarded the MBE in recognition of his services to the science of carbon capture and sequestration.

BGS has been a world leader in the science of underground carbon dioxide (CO₂) storage for more than twenty years and Andy's MBE reflects the high quality and high profile research that he and colleagues have developed over this period.

Andy has been involved with CO₂ storage since 1998 and has been part of many European CO₂ storage research projects and a number of UK government and industrially-funded ones. His main interests lie in storage site characterisation, monitoring and regulation. His current work includes quantitative analysis of time-lapse seismic data to characterise CO₂ plumes, and history-matched flow modelling to understand CO₂ migration in reservoirs.

Check out Andy’s current projects, collaborations and publications here.

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