Research considers behaviour and management of injected CO₂

Image of underwater testing equipment
Sea bed chambers measure the flow of CO₂ between the sea bed sediment and sea water

Three research papers focusing on the potential behaviour and impact of carbon dioxide (CO₂) injected into subsea geological storage sites will be of interest to delegates heading to the final conference of the QICS project being held in London on 8 May.

Researchers working on the QICS project have published the results of Work Package 1, which considered the movement of CO₂ in the subsurface and how results from a relatively shallow experiment relate to potential full-scale storage beneath the UK North Sea. Read the paper

Research by the University of Edinburgh’s N Burnside and M Naylor, due to be published in April, investigates how easily injected CO₂ might flow through brine saturated rock – known as relative permeability – alongside an analysis of the fraction of CO₂ which could be ultimately trapped within a storage site’s pore space. The paper also discusses the application of experimental data to the insurability of geological storage sites. Read the paper

The results of a collaborative project including SCCS researchers features in the publication, Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), and concerns the environmental and safety implications of CO₂ leakage during transport or storage. The research also considers strategies for effective monitoring of CO₂ storage, and outlines research challenges that lie ahead. Access the publication (account holders only)

The QICS project has been investigating ways to quantify and monitor the impact of geological CO₂ storage on marine ecosystems. At the conference, project partners will present the results of research into quantifying and monitoring the impact of geological CO₂ storage on marine ecosystems. The event is particularly aimed at stakeholders, including industry, regulators, policy makers and environmental interest groups.

See the conference website for more information and registration.

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