RSH at Select CommThe UK's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee meets today to discuss carbon capture, usage and storage and its role in the UK economy. Prof Stuart Haszeldine, SCCS Director, is giving evidence and is expected to underline the following crucial messages for the UK Government:

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is vital to meeting the UK’s climate targets, and the Government needs to take urgent action to kickstart its deployment
  • The UK is uniquely well placed to deploy CCS, with its offshore geology, oil and gas industry expertise and existing pipeline infrastructure
  • The UK Government has a responsibility to use its assets wisely – this means making the most of the UK’s huge geological CO₂ storage capacity and making sure that oil and gas pipelines aren’t decommissioned prematurely
  • The costs of CCS can be brought down by deployment – particularly in industrial clusters (groups of industries in a defined geographic area)
  • The value of CCS is far more important than its cost: CCS will allow UK industries to continue operating within a low-carbon economy; it will enable low-carbon hydrogen to replace fossil fuels in heating and transport; it can unlock "negative emissions".

Prof Haszeldine is expected to urge the UK Government to:

  • Develop a business model that enables industry to invest in CCS
  • Establish CO₂ transport and storage infrastructure
  • Ensure that oil and gas pipelines that could be re-used for CO₂ storage are retained and maintained.

Watch the evidence session on Parliament TV from 12.30 today (Tuesday).


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