The turbine hall at Peterhead Power Station

As design work for the Peterhead Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project gathers pace, the project's partners have been holding a second series of public information events, including behind-the scenes tours at the power station, where the capture facilities will operate.

Around 100 people from local communities were given a glimpse of the future, where Peterhead, in the north east of Scotland, could play host to the world's first full-chain CCS project on a gas-fired power station. Members of the SCCS team joined one of the tours last week, where they saw first-hand where the CO₂ capture and compression facilities would be sited. The visitors also learned about plans for a new steam turbine that could help power the capture plant, as part of improving energy efficiency at the station, and the massive groundworks required to prepare the site.

Reports so far suggest that this latest series of public consultation events by Shell and SSE has been well received by local people, who were provided with a project update by Bill Spence, Shell's business opportunity manager for Peterhead, prior to the site tours. In July, local people were invited to events at Boddam and Peterhead, where displays and other materials provided more information on different aspects of the project, from community benefits to offshore construction.

The SCCS team joined one of the power station tours, which formed part of a second phase of public information events. Photo © SCCS

The Peterhead Project will capture around 1 million tonnes of CO₂ a year from the power plant's flue gases, which will then be compressed onshore before being piped 100km for storage in the depleted Goldeneye gas reservoir site 2.5km beneath the North Sea. In January, the project secured funding for front-end engineering and design work from the UK Government's CCS Commercialisation Programme. A final investment decision is anticipated in 2015.

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