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UNAM letter signing

Scotland and Mexico strengthen R&D links  

A research collaboration between Scottish and Mexican researchers, focusing on carbon capture utilisation and storage, will encourage academic exchanges and aims to support Mexico's efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.
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Upcoming Events


Jonathan Ennis-King CSIRO: CO2CRC Otway

4 July 2016, University of Edinburgh

Dr Jonathan Ennis-King of Australia’s national science agency will provide a talk on the interpretation of multi-level downhole pressure measurements during a field test of subsurface storage of carbon dioxide in CO2CRC’s Otway site in south-east Australia.
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Reactive Modelling Summer School

1-4 August 2016, Heriot-Watt University

This event is designed to help postgraduates in geosciences learn the techniques of reactive transport modelling as applied to geoscientific research, and for advanced students to share results in a relaxed, collegial environment.
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Recent News


Researchers to study role of subsea 'chimneys' 

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have joined fellow academics from the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre to investigate the risk of leaks from CO2 storage reservoirs situated beneath the seabed.
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Ancient rocks yield hard facts on safe CO2 storage

A study of ancient geological pools of CO2 around the world is enabling researchers to identify key criteria for storing the greenhouse gas effectively.
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Guangdong project praised in top level US-China talks

Progress by the Guangdong offshore CO₂ project has been highlighted in the latest strategic talks between the US and China as one of two "top achievements" in developing carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology, as part of cooperation on climate change and energy. Read more




UK's storage asset ideal for affordable climate action

SCCS welcomes findings from the ETI-funded CO2 storage appraisal study by Pale Blue Dot, which confirms that there are "no major technical hurdles" to storing industrial-scale CO2 offshore UK. The findings from the £2.5m study are the latest in a sequence of studies that point to North Sea geology as being ideal for this task.
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UNAM visit

Emerging economies and the carbon challenge

SCCS director, Prof Stuart Haszeldine, writes in Energy Voice on his recent visit to Mexico and the need to support the ambitions of developing countries in tackling carbon emissions.
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Carbon projects capture students’ interest

Students from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University have been visiting Scotland to learn more about research work under way into carbon capture and storage technologies. The visit, organised by SCCS, included talks, lab visits and a geological tour of Holyrood Park (pictured). Read more

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'Chimneys' graphic: University of Southampton
North Sea/Europe map: CO2Stored
Singapore visit/Arthur's Seat photo: Vanessa Mather

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