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Building a CO₂ Storage Hub in the Central North Sea

This short report was published by Scottish Enterprise in early 2015. Incorporating new economic modelling, it shows how the UK is leading Europe when it comes to funding the development of CCS. And why Scotland, with its unique proximity to significant offshore storage site and 40 years of oil and gas expertise, is an almost ready-made infrastructure for a CCS industry.



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Peterhead CO₂ Importation Feasibility Study

This report assesses the technical feasibility of (1) CO₂ importation via Peterhead Port and pipeline transfer from there to St Fergus (for onward transfer to an existing offshore field) and (2) CO₂ transportation by ship direct to an existing offshore field where offloading and transfer to existing facilities would occur.



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Scotland and the Central North Sea: CCS Hub Study (Element Energy)

This Scottish Enterprise-commissioned report identifies that, even without considering tax receipts, cautious CCS and EOR development scenarios could boost Scottish GVA by around £3.5 billion – and this figure could be doubled if early action is taken to establish the infrastructure that positions Aberdeen’s St Fergus gas terminal as one of the UK’s CCS hubs.



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Economic impacts of CO₂ enhanced oil recovery for Scotland

This report, by Element Energy Dundas Consultants and Heriot-Watt University, looks at the combination of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) with CO₂-EOR and how it can benefit the Scottish oil and gas industry and the wider UK economy.

The study explores:

  • The impact of CO₂-EOR on the development of CCS
  • The impact on the wider economy
  • The challenges to CO₂-EOR deployments
  • Ways of maximising the economic benefits for Scotland



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Carbon Capture and Storage: CO₂ transport options for Scotland

This 2012 report examines the infrastructure requirements for progress to be made on developing a CCS network solution linking emission points in Scotland and further afield with storage and CO₂-EOR opportunities in the North Sea.



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Economic Impact Assessments of the proposed Carbon Capture and Storage demonstration projects in Scotland – a summary report

This 2011 study looked at the potential economic impacts of the three proposed CCS demonstration projects in Scotland. The study considers the economic impacts of demonstrating the full CCS chain (capture, transport and storage) and covers both the construction and operational phases.



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Prospects for CO₂-EOR in the UKCS

This project from the Energy Research Partnership reviews the current state of play in the development of carbon capture, CO₂ transport and storage and the use of CO₂ for EOR. It looks at opportunities for the future development of CCS and the offshore oil industry in the North Sea and makes proposals for how to realise these opportunities, highlighting the issues that need addressing and how the risks across the various industrial sectors involved could be addressed.



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Authorisation of carbon dioxide storage offshore Scotland – anticipated effects of further devolution

This working paper summarises how legislation proposed after the 2014 Scottish Referendum as part of the Smith Commission Agreement would affect the authorisation of CO₂ storage offshore Scotland.