Membrane Characterisation
University of Edinburgh
School of Engineering
Maria-Chiara Ferrari
+44 (0)131 650 5689

The membranes lab includes equipment for the measurement of pure and mixed gas permeability in membranes. Specifically, high flux permeometers for flat membranes are available. The first system can run up to 10 bar for both pure and mixed gas conditions. A new cell is being constructed to achieve 50 bar and up to 200 °C. Under pure gas conditions, the diffusion coefficient can also be measured with the time-lag method or by coupling with the measurement of the equilibrium properties using adsorbent characterisation equipment.

A Quantachrome Porometer 3Gzh (donation by Quantachrome) is also available for through-pore size analysis and permeability measurements. It can be used to test the porosity of selective films as flat membranes as well as fibres. It allows for the characterisation of the porosity both inside and outside the fibre. The system can detect defects and holes in thin dense films and it can work up to 30 bar and 200°C.

  • Characterisation of structure of membrane supports
  • Detection of defects and holes in thin dense films
  • Operating conditions up to 200°C and 30 bar
  • Innovative Gas Separations for Carbon Capture (IGSCC)
  • OFFGAS - Offshore Gas Separation (FP7)


Membrane permeation cell


Quantachrome Porometer 3Gzh

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