Pressure-Volume-Temperature Laboratory
Heriot-Watt University
Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering
Bahman Tohidi
+44 (0) 131 451 3672

One small volume HPHT (250 °C and 30,000 psia) mercury cell and two major mercury free reservoir fluids facility designed to answer the demands of deeper reservoirs that are being developed in the North Sea, where pressures in excess of 20,000 psia are being encountered at temperatures in excess of 200 °C. Primary features of the laboratory facility are:

  • PVT Cells - Schlumberger-DBR & Chandler 3000-L PVT Cells measure fluid properties, vapour & liquid ratios, independent phase compositions and perform volumetric & phase behaviour studies
  • Analytical laboratory - compositional analysis using 5 gas chromatographs, acoustic cell (speed of sound) measurement facility, Fischer HMS 500C high efficiency distillation unit, BT2.15 C80 Setaram calorimeter to measure thermal properies of various fluid systems, including CO₂-rich systems
  • Expertise provides the means to accurately measure and sample fluid phases at controlled temperatures and pressures. Measurements include density, viscosity and interfacial tension
  • Laboratory operating pressures of up to 30,000 psia and temperatures in excess of 250 °C can be accommodated
  • PVT cells capable of work at up to 20,000 psia & 200 °C
  • Compositional analysis laboratory includes one Agilent HP6890 GC, three Agilent HP5890 GCs & one Varian 3400 gas chromatographs
  • Impact of Common Impurities on CO₂ Capture, Transport and Storage Joint Industry Project
    Phase behaviour and properties of CO₂-rich and saline water-CO₂ systems in the presence of common impurities
  • Hydrate Safety Margin Monitoring & Early Detection JIP
    Improving the existing techniques for safety margin monitoring and finding new techniques for early detection
  • Evaluation of Low Dosage Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors JIP
    KHI evaluation and removal in sour systems






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