Zero Length Column Systems
University of Edinburgh
School of Engineering
Enzo Mangano
+44 (0)131 650 7445

Three Zero-Length Column (ZLC) systems are available. They allow for the rapid screening of small quantities (1-5mg) of solid adsorbents. The experiment can measure the kinetic of adsorption as well as the equilibrium uptake. Exposure to water vapour and other flue gas contaminant (i.e.: SOₓ and NOₓ) and their effect on the stability of porous materials can also be tested in these systems.

  • Rapid ranking of CO₂ capacity of material under test
  • Requires only small amount of sample (1-5 mg for equilibrium tests, 10-15 mg for kinetic experiments)
  • Capture materials test in the presence of water, SOₓ and NOₓ
  • Innovative Gas Separations for Carbon Capture (IGSCC)
  • Adsorption Materials and Processes for Carbon Capture from Gas-Fired Power Plants (AMPGas)
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal from Flue Gas Using Microporous Metal Organic Frameworks (US-DOE)



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