6-Column Pressure/Vacuum Swing Adsorption System
University of Edinburgh
School of Engineering
Hyungwoong Ahn
+44 (0)131 650 5891

An in-house lab-scale 6-column Pressure/Vacuum Swing Adsorption (PVSA) rig has been designed and is being constructed as of November 2013. The PVSA rig can demonstrate continuous operation of separating a gas mixture using adsorption to produce a high purity of product. It is designed to enable different connections among the 6 columns to operate the system with various step configurations, such as single-stage configuration incorporation pressure equalisation, heavy and light refluxes or two-stage operation for bulk separation and subsequent purification.

  • Column size: 1 inch diameter, 0.5 m length
  • Operating pressure:  Currently 0.1 to 1.5 bar. It will be modified so that it can also operate in a high pressure mode up to 40 bar.
  • Designed to operate at 5 LSTP/min feed flowrate
  • EPSRC S&I Award
    Carbon Capture from Power Plant and Atmosphere (EP/F034520/1)
  • EPSRC First Grant
    Carbon Capture in the Refining Process (EP/J018198/1)
  • KETEP Project
    Design of Multiple Columns H₂ Pressure Swing Adsorption for Co-generation of H₂ and Power from IGCC Integrated with Pre-combustion Capture


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