SCCS Annual Conference 2022 - Net-zero boundaries and borders: where do we draw the line?

  • Tuesday, 21 June 2022 09:00 - 17:00

Venue: Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JQ



This conference will be available as a hybrid event - you can join in person or online. This event will be recorded.

Climate change is a cross-border problem that calls for cross-border solutions. Where CCS is concerned, those solutions include offsetting emissions in one country, or company, with greenhouse gas removals in another; devising mechanisms to drive emissions reductions without causing carbon leakage; and capturing CO₂ in one country for geological storage in another.

The Glasgow Climate Pact agreed the rules for international cooperation on emissions reduction, but some questions still remain. How does international emissions trading between companies affect national inventories? If one country stores CO₂ for another, who does that CO₂ ‘belong’ to? What is the role of negative emissions, and how do we ensure they aren’t used to avoid emissions reduction?

This conference explores these topics, and the role that CCS can play in decarbonising industry and reducing the lifecycle emissions of net-zero technologies such as green hydrogen. It will also introduce new work reviewing the CCS supply chain in Scotland.

We will hear from governments, industry, investors and academics as we seek to understand Scottish, UK and EU perspectives on the role of CCS in international approaches to climate change mitigation.




Event details:

0830-0900: Registration/Welcome 

0900-1000:  Session 1: Carbon across borders

Chair: M Akhurst (BGS) 

  • R Stuart Haszeldine, Professor of CCS, SCCS Director, Different biogenic sources
  • European Commission, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism / EU negotiator on Article 6
  • Anna Workman, Head of Carbon Leakage - Climate and Energy, Trade and Europe team, BEIS; Brendan Bayley, Head, Climate and Agriculture - Trade Policy, International Group, BEIS, What the UK is doing on CAM
  • Q&A

1000-1100:  Session 2: Low-carbon hydrogen and CCS

Chair: A Busch (HWU) 

  • Bellona - Adam Whitmore, Principal Adviser Climate Change Policy, Pathways for hydrogen and the role of CCS
  • ArcelorMittal - Eric De Coninck, CTO
  • Technology Development, LIS Project Development, Steel industry and CCS
  • Cement industry Heidelberg Cement Group - Per Brevik , Director of Sustainability and alternative fuels, Cement industry and CCS

Break 1: 1100-1130 

1130-1230:  Session 3: Negative emissions and carbon dioxide removals

Chair: S Garcia Lopez (HWU) 

  • Raphael Pfaeltzer, StoreggaDACCS / Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Camilla Thomson, Chancellor's Fellow in Energy, UoE, NEWEST-CCUS: The emissions-reduction potential of Waste-to-Energy with CCUS in Europe
  • Kári Helgason, Head of Research & Innovation, Carbfix, Carbfix Innovation Park: Accelerating direct air capture development in Iceland

1230-1300: Session 4 - CCS in Scotland 

1300-1400: Lunch 

1400-1445:  Session 5 - Carbon offsetting markets 

Chair: R Stuart Haszeldine (UoE) 

  • Margriet Kuijper, Consultant, Netherlands, Storage obligation
  • Adrian Smith, Chief Financial Officer, EcometricaHow could we transition current carbon markets to an efficient, fully regulated environment where global capital can be brought to it at scale, to bring about positive environmental change
  • Q&A 

1445-1500: Closing remarks 

1500-1645: Session 6 - CCS supply chain and expertise in Scotland, poster session & networking 

  • Sonja MacMillan, CCUS Lead, Scottish EnterpriseCCS supply chain and expertise in Scotland
  • Research poster session & refreshments/nibbles, networking 

1645-1700: Leave 


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