I am new to SCCS, and new to the world of CCS in general, and to add to this, I started my job during lockdown, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting a new job brings challenges at the best of times, and given the circumstances, I have to say joining SCCS was a great move.

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There’s been a great deal to learn and to get involved with, but if I had to choose one thing that stands out, I must go with the final event of the ALIGN-CCUS project. This event marked the end of a 3-year project, and although I was only a part of for 7 months, it felt like a sort of ‘graduation' into being fully immersed in the role. This is because all the preparation and delivery of this event included aspects from most key responsibilities in my job.

RLB2Getting involved with dissemination activities for ALIGN, particularly for this final event, helped me learn about the different aspects of the project, and the different institutions and organisations that make up the project partners; I got involved with organising email campaigns and I am very proud to have produced 10 interview videos despite the current circumstances. These are available in the Our Results section of the ALIGN website.


I also organised the technical side of a 2-day event that ran without any issues with 110-150 attendees; and I was involved with all the post-event emails, and website uploads and updates. The feedback was hugely positive with many comments about how the event ran without any problems. I was particularly pleased to hear colleagues mentioning that this sort of event with this amount of videos hadn’t really been done in this scale before.

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