SCCS launches ‘Introduction to CCUS’ training course to raise awareness and support the green transition

Three-hour course, available on a bespoke basis, explains CCUS, its role in decarbonisation and the valuable opportunities it could bring

What’s the best way to transport captured CO2 from Scotland’s industrial heartlands to the Aberdeenshire coast? Which sectors should be prioritised for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and which offshore CO2 storage site should be used first?

CPD training online

These were among the questions in a team exercise for those attending CCUS training sessions run by SCCS secretariat and academic staff over the past two months. Funded by the Energy Transition Zone (created by Opportunity North East), the course briefed participants on the growth of the CCUS sector in Scotland, helping prepare and upskill them for the transition to green jobs and, in the case of local government, for any CCUS activity in their area.

“The course provided a comprehensive-yet-accessible introduction to CCS/CCU and involved a good range of experts who aided understanding from a variety of perspectives,” said one of those who attended.

The sessions included an overview of CCS/CCUS, why this suite of technologies is needed, and their role in decarbonisation. Academics then provided more detail on how CO2 capture, transport and storage work, and answered questions from the audience. After the interactive team exercise (see Image below) – where participants had the chance to apply their knowledge – the groups learned about how CCS can support decarbonisation across society, the policy environment and active projects around the world.

CPD Exercise

Interactive map used during the team exercise

Aimed at non-specialists

The training is aimed at a broad audience. The recent cohort of nearly 70 participants, divided into three sessions, included local government officials (more than a third of Scotland’s local authorities were represented), graduate trainees and apprentices from SSE, Scottish Enterprise staff and representatives of other government agencies.

“The course was very informative and useful, and is something that I will look into further whilst developing our local Climate Change strategy,” said a local government participant.

ETZ funded the training through the North East Economic Recovery and Skills (NEERS) Fund, a £14.3m investment by the Scottish Government delivering employment, upskilling and reskilling, business growth and innovation projects to benefit companies and individuals in North East Scotland.

“CCS/CCUS is a vital tool in addressing climate change and we are very grateful to NZTC for funding the development and delivery of this training. It is important that more people understand what CCUS involves, and the opportunities it could create, both in terms of CO2 emissions reduction and removals, and in the just transition of jobs and economic value to Scotland,” said Dr Philippa Parmiter, SCCS Programme Manager.

“We have been very pleased with the positive feedback from the training and hope to deliver more of it.”

SCCS can provide the CPD course on a bespoke basis to individual companies and organisations. For further information, please contact: Rebecca Bell, SCCS Policy & Research Officer –

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