Each year we emit around 40 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the Earth’s atmosphere. Every tonne increases global warming and escalates climate change. We can fix this by substantially reducing our emissions and removing the CO2 already emitted by previous generations.

Clean electricity – and more efficient ways of using it – is having a positive impact but CO2 emissions from other sources – such as transport, heating and the process industries – can be harder to tackle.

You may have already heard of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), a set of technologies that supports climate action. Explore these pages to find out how it works, where it works and how it will enable our path to net zero by 2050. You'll also meet the scientists and other experts, who are supporting its delivery across the world.

Carbon capture & storage is recognised by the United Nations as an essential climate mitigation tool
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe



MOOC - Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage

Explore the technology that can provide a long-term solution to protect our atmosphere from an excess of carbon dioxide, in the context of global energy, our use of fossil fuels, and climate change.

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